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  1. Empress D (Central MD)

    Shout out to Soldier Joker, great job on our Central Maryland Chapter web page…pics, videos, comments, event calendar and music….Bruh!

  2. Agnes "Sparrow" Allen

    Thank you Central Maryland BSMC for a Great event! Annual Crabfest 2017! Look forward to next year!

  3. Reno

    Very proud to be a member of the Greatest Motorcycle Organization..the NABSTMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NABSTMC Asst Safety Officer
    Tuscaloosa, AL Chapter

  4. Ron Scott

    I had a great time riding with the group on memorial day “Rolling Thunder” It was exciting riding with the brothers and sisters. Nice clean safe riding. That’s what I’m about.

    1. Douglas Hemphill

      Mr. Scott we enjoyed having you ride with us! Hope you can join us next year. Until then, ride safe! Joker

  5. dana lee

    while traveling back and forth from Philly & Atlanta just looking for some events to stop into, also looking to attend the NBR in Kansas this year, and looking to tag on to anyone heading over between here and there. Thanks in advance

    1. Douglas Hemphill

      Hi Dana, There is an event in ATL this coming weekend. The BSMC GA Mother Chapter event begins Friday, April 21 and runs through April 22nd. Not sure if any of our chapter members have confirmed if they are going. Thanks! Joker

  6. tf
  7. Tanker

    Currently in Harrisburg, Pa working. Might get a break and come down to B’more for a visit.

    NABSTMC, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

  8. Robert Lee Jackson sr

    Glad to have met you at H D on Sept 25,2016. we had a nice time at your affair and will be glad when we met.

  9. Stampede

    Can’t wait to attend this year’s Crab Feast. The only thing better than the 2016 Crab Feast is to attend the 2017 Crab Feast.

  10. VENT

    Today was a Great Day I met some Great Black Men !!THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS. WHAT GREAT HISTORY

  11. john pitts (Big Daddy J)

    BSMC Lehigh Valley Pa We will be seeing you for some rides.


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