2020 CMD Scholarship Essay’s

Brook Folyes 

Jayden Henderson

John Smithson

John T. Williams Jr.


Bike Inspection

You MUST have your motorcycle inspected at the beginning of each riding season prior to riding with the club. 

Required Documents:

  • Current motorcycle insurance card in your name
  • Current Registration in your name
  • Valid Drivers License with M Endorsement
  • Signed riding waiver (The form is being updated and will be provided for your signature at a later date)

Scholarship Documents (for internal use ONLY)

Scholarship SOP rev 1 section 1

Scholarship SOP rev 1 section 2

Scholarship Application Scoring Rubric

Scholarship Application Scoring Sheet

BSMCCMD Scholarship Program Application v1  (For external use.  To be completed by the applicant)

Charity Organization Support Request Form (for internal use ONLY)

Charity Organization Nomination Form Feb2016  (Must be completed by the CMD Chapter Member)

Charity Organization Nomination Rubric

Charity Organization Nomination Tally Sheet